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To be known as the best, most-respected provider of service in the industry.

With Directors Choice, funeral directors have more time to do the important work of caring for families. Directors Choice will advance payment based on the assigned life insurance policies, dramatically reducing the amount of time funeral homes must wait for payment from life insurance companies.


DCAS was developed as a tool for funeral directors to assist families with an alternative method of paying for a loved one's funeral. If a family wishes to pay with an assignable life insurance policy, Directors Choice will advance the funds which are needed to pay for funeral and burial costs. Insurance policies could take up to four to six weeks to pay a claim, but with Directors Choice, the family has access to the policy proceeds within 24 to 48 hours of verification of benefits.


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Call Directors Choice to request forms, download them from our website, or complete forms directly online.


Print and send Directors Choice your signed forms either by email or fax.


Directors Choice will verify with insurance company that policy proceeds exist and notify you immediately upon verification.


You will receive payment within 24-48 hours either by direct deposit, check, or wire transfer.


Mail all original documents and death certificate to Directors Choice as soon as they are available.



To calculate the total assignment amount including the DCAS fee, please enter the amount of the funeral goods and services plus any additional funds the family would like to have advanced and click "Calculate Advances & Fees". The fee calculator will automatically calculate the fee amount and provide the total amount of the assignment (Funeral Cost + Family Amount + Total Fee).

Insurance Policy Value:

Policy Amount Remaining:

Funeral Home Request:

Family Request:

Fee Paid By:

Funeral Home Advanced:


Family Advanced:


Total Advanced:


Total Fee:

(2.75% + $95)


Total Assigned:




Interactive Website

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Once you are given a username and password for our website you will gain access to numerous tools it provides.
On our website you will be able to view the status of an assignment, create reports, access our claim form library or submit an assignment online.

Processor Pairing

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When you enroll with Directors Choice, you are paired with a processor who works every single one of your assignments from beginning to end.
This means that when you call in you will be talking to your processor who knows everything about each of your assignments.

Rebate Program

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FDLIC customers will receive a 0.5% rebate up to $250 per assignment collected with 45 days.

Family Funds

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Families can assign all or part of a policy with excess funds going directly to the beneficiary.

Prepaid Postage

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After enrolling with Directors Choice, we will send your funeral home pre-paid postage envelopes free of charge! This is just one more way we make accepting assignments easier for you and your team.

Policy Experts

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We will accept all assignable policies such as group policies from employers, including OFEGLI, as well as policies issued by NPS.




Terry Groban

Josh McQueen

Amber Kingston

Daniel Escobedo

Deanna Reyes

Meguell Suell

Shawna Thomas

Sherry Foster

Zack Hall

Terry Groban

Executive Vice President & CFO
"Helping funeral directors is my first priority. Whether it's through Directors Choice or FDLIC, I gain a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when I have the opportunity to work with funeral directors and help them grow their businesses."

Terry is very passionate about helping others to achieve their personal and professional goals. She oversees the Accounting and Finance Department at FDLIC, Human Resources and Administration Departments at FDLIC, as well as DCAS.


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